Tips for buying Reception Desk

Roman – White Reception Desk with Three Counters


As you enter an office area, you’re bound to have an impression based on the reception section since it’s the first in line. In a reception area, the majority of the space is taken by the reception desk, followed by accompanying accents.

If the reception desk is an artistic piece or a classic, your visitor will surely think highly of the workspace. According to the ANOVAs and post hoc analyses, students were shown offices of 8 different companies. They chose the companies with the best first visual representation in terms of the reception area as their preferred place of work.

Knowing the implications of having an amazing reception desk, you would want to purchase the best one for your office.

Handy tips for choosing the perfect reception desk

1. Style of the reception desk

Firstly, you need to begin with the design you want to choose for your reception desk. Since there are a plethora of designs available in the market, having a specific preference will narrow down your options. All the further design segregation falls under the basic category of traditional and contemporary.

  1. Contemporary style- Contemporary reception desks are characterized by considerably simple designs. However, these are made from modern material, such as metal, plastic, or glass. Besides, these generally have illuminating LED lights. Some accents like chrome or metal detailing are quite popular. Glass front reception desks are an alternative in this category.
  2. Traditional style- Traditional styles are made from wooden material with the design mostly carved from the wood itself.

In this category, curved and round reception desks are impressive pieces.

2. The material of the countertop

The countertop is what guests see most often. Hence, it’s natural to give more thought to its details. The following options for countertops work for most office spaces-

  1. Wood Veneers- This material is quite sturdy and offers durability. Not only this, but it also falls under the executive design, ensuring a premium look for your reception desk.
  2. Lamination- Lamination is the most economical material for countertops and is equally durable. However, the appearance isn’t the most appealing.
  3. Marble/Stone- Marble is another classic alternative. It can be combined with wood veneer to make your desk look impressive.
  4. Glass- Lastly, glass can also be used for the countertop. Although a timeless piece, it does need some amount of care to prevent from developing scratches.

3. The dimension of the desk

Since space may vary from place to place, it’s essential to know your space limitations. This will come in handy while choosing the dimension and shape of the reception desk.

The configuration of the desks generally falls under L-shaped, U-shaped, linear or curved variations. Auraa Design offers many premium styles of desks that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

4. The function of the desk

It’s vital to always keep in mind what function your furniture piece is going to serve for you. It also depends on the job specifications of the person who’s going to sit behind it.

The design should be practical more than aesthetic as it should serve the purpose it’s bound to. Having enough storage for all the essential documents is necessary.

For example, a reception desk in a hotel needs to have a lot of storage space as all the required documents of the visitors are to be maintained.


Reception desks can be made in all possible designs. However, what you need to keep in mind is to ensure that apart from creating an excellent impression on your visitors, it should also serve the purpose.

Since it’s a workstation that needs to hold multiple documents, it must be chosen practically. A balance of functionality and design will give you the best result.