How the Colour of the Office and the Office Furniture Can Impact Productivity

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When it comes to decorating office spaces and choosing furniture, it can be very tempting for companies to take the safe route and opt for a neutral colour and standard furniture. This inevitably leads to offices that are magnolia or various shades of ‘off-white’ and standard office looking furniture. One of the main reasons for this is that it is usually easier and cheaper to maintain.

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Selecting right colours and furniture for your office can improve productivity

Which Colours Can Help Your Workforce?

White and grey are a definite no! They may look good, but studies have shown that burnout risk in offices of these colours increases by around 25%. Opting for colours that elicit an emotional response are much better.

Red might not be your first choice but having aspects of red throughout an office space increases productivity. Be careful though, as too much red can make people feel tired.

Blue is known to increase creativity, and yellow and orange are great for decision making due to the parts of the brain that are stimulated by these colours. Green is relaxing and great for areas where reading is required.

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The Right Furniture for the Right Space

Obviously, the colour of the furniture will be important, so choosing colours that match or complement the decoration will help with improving productivity. The type of modern office furniture you select can also have an impact. Selecting furniture that is comfortable and ergonomic will help to keep employees healthy, which improves productivity. Having contemporary furniture that isn’t standard office equipment can also give employees a sense that they are valued. It creates an atmosphere of functionality as well as care and respect for the employees who are expected to work in the office environment.

The layout of furniture and equipment is also really important when it comes to productivity. Having storage and equipment accessible means employees won’t have to waste time whenever they need to do certain tasks, and arranging furniture so that teammates can work collaboratively will always make for a better working environment.

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Not everyone can be an expert in interior design or office layouts. And many employers simply don’t have the time to spend researching and planning what the office space should or could look like. However, it’s probably safe to say that all employees would like to increase productivity. Having happy employees is important for productivity, and creating an inviting and welcoming environment for them to work in will allow them to feel respected and happy in their roles.

If you want advice on how to increase productivity through furniture and colours, get in touch with us today.