How to Avoid 7 Common Office Design Mistakes

office furniture design

Creating the best office space means having somewhere that people like to work and are productive, as well as ensuring that everyone’s needs are met. Unfortunately, even when you are focused on providing the best for your team, there are some common mistakes that can spoil your efforts.

Check out the seven most common errors in office design

Opting for the Wrong Layout

The biggest issue that people face is choosing the wiring layout. Many modern designs opt for an open-plan space, and more traditional plans choose closed-off offices. The trick to success is to find a healthy middle ground by creating work zones for teams and breakout areas that can be used for meetings. By considering what everyone needs to be productive, you will end up with the right layout.

Trying to Fit Too Many People in One Space

It’s clear that budgets have been squeezed to the maximum and many office spaces now try to fit too many people into one space, resulting in overcrowding and poor work rates. If you have too many people but can’t afford a larger space, then providing Flexi-working and home-working is a great way to rotate office time for staff and keep the numbers down.

Choosing the Wrong Furniture

Another common issue is when the wrong office furniture is chosen. Rather than opting for light and stylish, and compact executive office desk options and board room table choices, people go for oversized and dark options that take up too much space and create a depressing feel. Office furniture design needs to be carefully thought out so that everyone has the space needed to be productive.

Not Providing Enough Supplies

Even with the most amazing office space, if you don’t pay attention to modern office supplies, your team won’t be able to work. Think about installing the right IT, copying machines and other tech that will help your team stay focused and feel supported.

Forgetting About Visitor Space

If you hold meetings with clients or have regular visitors to the office, then designing a space for them is essential but often forgotten. The good news is that you don’t need lots of space for visitors, and you can maximise the area by opting for a corner reception desk or small reception desk that is functional but not overbearing – allowing you to provide more comfortable seating for guests.

Installing the Wrong Lighting

When you have designed a new space, take the time to think about lighting! This area is often forgotten, and cold strip or ceiling lights can ruin your hard work. Plan for wall lights and desk lights that create the right ambience for your team and be amazed at the results.

Not Paying Attention to Breakrooms

Finally, many designs think about workspaces and conference rooms but forget about break spaces for staff. Taking time to create a functional and welcoming break space with a range of amenities will help your team feel valued and improve their desire to perform well for you.