Modern Office Furniture Buying Guide

modern office furniture


If you have been eagerly looking at modern office furniture online and can’t wait to get your hands on a brand new executive desk, board room table or glass office table, then we are here to help! Modern offices are the place that brings life to your business and shows your clients what you are all about – making them an important area to properly furnish.

There are many different factors that you will need to consider before you part with your hard-earned cash as well as learning more about the process of buying your new items. Read on to find out the best next steps before you take delivery of your new office suite!

Factors to Look for When Choosing Office Furniture

Before you place your order for office furniture online, stop and take a look at the following factors that you will need to consider. Use these factors to help you plan your purchases, and you will be sure to get the best new items for your business.


Whether we like it or not, price will always be a determining factor when making purchases for our businesses. Weighing up style and budget will not only allow you to balance the books but provide you with the furniture you can afford that will help you to continue growing your business.

By spending the money you have wisely, and considering each item you buy as an investment, you are more likely to please your investors and get hold of long-lasting items.


Whether you want a small reception desk or a board room table, you have to consider the functionality of your new items before you buy them. This means choosing furniture that will do more than just look good and allow your team to create a well-organised office space.

Staff comfort levels are also very important, especially for those people who will spend the majority of their day sitting at the executive desk you are keen on purchasing. If you keep comfort in mind when you shop then your team are likely to be happier when they come to work.


Do you have plans to grow your business into a larger enterprise than it may currently be? This is an important consideration when choosing the right glass office table or other items. Choosing one-off pieces of hard to get items is not a great choice in terms of scalability as you are unlikely to be able to buy more of the same in the future.

Instead, opt for more common items and then have them personalised to suit your business. By doing this, you will be able to get more when you need it and can continue to get items personalised to match your ever-growing business.


It may sound obvious, but it is important to invest in furniture that will fit the area you have available without making the place feel overly cramped or squashed. The bulkier your items, the more space you need to have, so choosing the right shapes and sizes is imperative.

Taking the time to measure your space and then map out a few different designs will enable you to get the right options whilst ensuring that everyone can move freely without getting stuck.


Every business has an identity, and when you are looking for office furniture online, you will see a lot of different ways in which you can share your identity in the furniture you choose. Creating a consistent brand and building a comfortable and attractive office space will increase the productivity of your team and the happiness of your clients.

Take the time to consider your colour choices and think about what they represent before diving in and creating your new space – it is well worth researching aesthetics to get some helpful hints when planning your new space.

Furniture Buying Process

If you are ready to invest in that glass office table you’ve had your eye on or the small reception desk that will look great in your entrance, then you need to know the process for buying new furniture! We’ve broken this process down into three easy steps so that you can make your new purchases with confidence.

Choose Your Furniture and Design Your Space

Whether you are looking for a simple or executive desk or new chairs and tables, your first step must always be to find the furniture you want and then use the dimensions provided to design your space appropriately. If you find that the furniture won’t fit your space, then you will need to choose a style that will. By following this step properly, you will avoid purchasing inappropriate furniture and being left disappointed.

Arrange Your Quotes and Choose a Supplier

When you are confident that your designs work with the products you want, then it is time to obtain at least three different quotes from suppliers that stock the furniture you want. By doing this, you can both ensure the best price for your business and provide evidence to your investors that your choices are the most affordable solution for your needs.

Place Your Order and Confirm Delivery

Your final step in ordering your new furniture is to place your order with your chosen supplier. Doing this on the phone and followed up in writing will help you to ensure that there are no misunderstandings and the right number of units are ordered and confirmed. The supplier will then provide you with an estimated date of delivery which will be confirmed when they have completed their internal ordering processes. All that’s left is to keep in touch with the supplier to ensure a smooth and timely delivery process.


When it comes to getting that small reception desk or board room table, you can achieve the results you want by planning, preparing and being consistent in your approach. By taking the time to do these things properly, you are sure to end up with the office space that you have been dreaming of. Remember to follow our steps and culture your vision before you start swiping your card – the results are sure to be amazing!