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The geometric structure of a table defines how its users behave around it. A typical meeting room is generally furnished with a rectangular table, but it does not always appear to be the most suitable choice.

The ideal meeting table can help instruct the room and equip employees with an atmosphere for collaboration. If you are looking to install an oval meeting table in your office but need more evidence as to why it is a superior choice, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about oval meeting tables.

Oval desk in a meeting room

Why choose an oval meeting table?

There are many reasons why an oval meeting table is a superior choice for your office space. Some of these include the following:

1. Better Sightlines

An oval meeting room table provides better sightlines for everyone at the table. This helps with improved eye contact throughout meetings and allows everyone at the table to effectively communicate their point. 

Increased communication within meetings is a significant reason to choose an oval table, and you will find that meeting participants will be able to collaborate more effectively. This is important for businesses, and you may find that our current set-up of having meetings at rectangular tables limits your company’s cohesion.

An oval meeting table in a room with black chairs and office furniture

2. Space Efficiency

An oval table could be a great space-saving solution if you have limited space in your meeting rooms, an oval table could be a great space-saving solution. Oval tables allow larger seating capacity than square tables, giving more room for colleagues to collaborate and discuss operations and strategies. 

Rectangular tables can often take up a large portion of the space within a room, whereas an oval meeting table allows more fluidity of movement. 

Do oval tables take up more room? 

Generally, round tables can accommodate more people and offer more flexibility when moving around smaller meeting rooms. Due to the smooth circumference of the table’s edge, you will find oval tables work better in smaller spaces.

Modern office space with an oval meeting room table

3. Accessibility

The rounded edge of an oval meeting room table means it is safer and more accessible for users moving around the table. If your meeting room is short for space and crowded, you may find that a rectangular edge can make the space inaccessible. 

4. Encourages Group Discussion

You will find that an oval meeting room table allows for more inclusivity and encourages equality amongst participants. This is due to the fact that there is no “head of the table” and conversation can be pointed towards the middle of the table. 

If you have a team that needs to work on a collaboration, then adding an oval table can certainly encourage group discussions and working together. 

How many people can sit at an oval table?

Oval meeting tables are versatile in the number of people they can host, due to their curved edges and proportions, you will find you can sit as many as 12 people on an oval meeting table. 

Bright office space with an oval meeting table

5. Versatility

Installing an oval meeting room table into your office space is perfect for a range of meetings. From formal goal reviews, to more casual catch-ups or training sessions. You will find that the design of the table is versatile and can be used to benefit employees in a number of ways.

6. Aesthetics

Offering a sleek aesthetic, a round meeting table will transform your office space with curved lines that are appealing to the eye and will help impress clients when they come on-site for meetings.  

Creating a welcoming atmosphere for your business is important for your employees. Studies have shown that a work environment can be important in the levels of employee satisfaction and productivity.

Oval meeting table in a meeting room with blue chairs

Advantages of an oval meeting table

There are many advantages to installing an oval meeting table in your business. These include: 

  • Welcoming – An oval table gives a sense of comfort and creates a lively atmosphere in the meeting room. A square or a rectangle table may not be as reassuring or comforting.
  • Flexibility – In case more members have to be added to the meeting, chairs can be placed at the round table. This indulgence is not possible on a square or rectangular table. One could be forced to sit at an inconvenient angle at the edge of the square or rectangle table.
  • Collaboration—An oval is the perfect shape of a table when collaboration is required. Client interaction and joint decision-making can be completed smoothly on an oval meeting table.
  • Enriched Ideation—Nowadays, Meeting tables come in all shapes and sizes. It is established that managers can spend up to 35% of their time in meetings. A well-designed meeting room can expedite great discussions and idea creation, resulting in fruitful meetings.

Leah – Wooden Oval Conference Table

Oval Meeting Room Tables at Auraa Design 

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