Reasons You Should Get An Oval Meeting Table

Aria – Oval Shaped Conference Table

The geometric structure of a table defines how its users behave around it. A typical meeting room is generally furnished with a rectangular table, but it does not always appear to be the most suitable choice. King Arthur previously perceived that an oval table is the most excellent choice when it comes to setting up a meeting room. 

It is now established that an oval conference table proffers a better sense of belonging, in comparison to a rectangular one. Co-workers meeting around these oval-shaped tables get the feeling of togetherness in the group. 

Colleagues at a rectangular meeting table will distinguish themselves more as a person and might miss the vision of the common goal. While at an oval-shaped meeting table, there’s no one at the head; hence all co-workers are equal. 

The ideal meeting table can help instruct the room and equip employees with an atmosphere to collaborate. Moreover, meeting rooms help to build a professional environment when communicating with clients or customers. 

Why choose the oval meeting table over others?

The meeting table is an indispensable element of a meeting room. The placement of the table, the way people sit, can indicate how the meeting would go. The shape of the meeting table is directly linked with the outcome, and the seating position in a room is very important. On a rectangular table, less number of attendees are always at a disadvantage. 

Too few people make the rectangle, and square meeting tables look empty, and it would create an inconvenient and awkward situation for the person sitting at the corner of the table.

By setting up an oval shaped meeting table, everyone can be placed evenly around the table, everybody equidistant from one another, and everyone can see each other. For this reason, an oval meeting table is preferred by many people over meeting tables of other shapes. 

The ambiance of the meeting room could depend on the furnishing and the decoration. The decision of picking the appropriate meeting table must not be taken lightly. Since the focal point of the meeting room is the table, it should be selected keeping in mind the room in which it is placed. 

The table should not take up the whole room, and neither should it stand on the edge of the room in a discreet and obscure manner. The factors related to the room should be taken into deliberation, including lighting, the shade of the walls and floor, dimensions, walls and ceiling height, etc.

The linking ports and phone jacks must be at a suitable distance from the table. The presentation of the room is essential. It decides the overall idea of the room and the feel it conveys. The oval meeting table most definitely adds to the artistic sense. The more attractive and well decorated the meeting room is, the better for everything correlated with it.

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Advantages of an oval meeting table

  • It gives a sense of comfort and creates a lively atmosphere in the meeting room. A square or a rectangle table may not be as reassuring or comforting.
  • In case more members have to be added to the meeting, just chairs need to be placed to the round table. This indulgence is not possible on a square or rectangle table. One could be forced to sit at an inconvenient angle at the edge of the square or rectangle table.

    Leah – Wooden Oval Conference Table

  • Oval is the perfect shape of a table when collaboration is required. Client interaction and joint decision making can be done smoothly on an oval meeting table.
  • Nowadays, Meeting tables come in all shapes and sizes. It is established that managers can spend up to 35% of their time in meetings. A well-designed meeting room can expedite great discussions, idea creation, resulting in fruitful meetings. 
  • The primary item to spruce up to liven the overall appearance of the room is the meeting table. Auraa Design has a dedicated team that looks after your specifications from request to ultimate delivery and fittings. They can even take your used furniture away so that you can concentrate on enjoying your new office furniture.