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Porcelain Meeting Tables

Experience the height of excellence with a porcelain meeting table from Auraa Design. Infused with elegance and excellent craftsmanship, these porcelain meeting tables perfectly fuse style and function. They are chic and durable, with a modern, contemporary look that adds effortless luxe to any space. Our collection offers porcelain meeting tables in various styles and sizes, so whether you are searching for a porcelain table for a small or large space, you’ll easily find an option to suit. Explore the collection and enhance your business today. Or, for more luxurious Italian design furniture options, discover our veneer, glass and leather meeting tables!

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Harvey 11 – Meeting Table with Laminam Top

£5,304.62 Inc. VAT
£4,420.52 Exc. VAT

Bambina 1 – Rectangular Meeting Table with Metal/Stoneware Top

£1,682.21 Inc. VAT
£1,401.84 Exc. VAT

Elena 1 – Meeting Room Table

£7,285.19 Inc. VAT
£6,070.99 Exc. VAT

Dalon 2 – Polished Stone Rectangular Meeting Table with Optional Glass and Leather Inserts

£8,259.98 Inc. VAT
£6,883.32 Exc. VAT

Prime 1 – Square & Rectangular Meeting Room Table

£3,560.51 Inc. VAT
£2,967.09 Exc. VAT

Prime 3 – Meeting Room Table with Double Base

£5,776.18 Inc. VAT
£4,813.48 Exc. VAT
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