Everything you need to know about Corner Desks vs Straight Desks

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Corner desk in an office space

Finding the right office furniture is an important decision for every organisation, and if you choose correctly, you can boost productivity and employee happiness. This extends to choosingthe right kind of desks for your employees. Both corner desks and straight desks are a common choice for offices, and it can be difficult to know which is best suited to your workforce. That is why we have created an outline of the pros and cons for each type of desk, so you can make a decision. 

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To best understand the type of desk that will be suited towards your office, it is best to get a definition and find out the advantages and disadvantages of each. 

What is a corner desk?

A corner desk or an L-shaped desk is a workstation that branches around a person and encompasses them as they work. Typically, they provide more space to work as you have two sides to work from. They are contemporary pieces of office furniture and can be placed in the corners of rooms or act as stand-alone pieces. The corner desk makes the best use of the corners of your workplace by beautifying and utilising them most suitably and cost-effectively. 

Corner desk in an office

Advantages of corner desks

  • Utilising space – A corner desk allows you to utilise what could be considered dead space. By placing a corner desk in the corner of a room, you can effectively maximise your space. This makes them the perfect option for those who have limited office space or are working from home and have limited space in their homes.
  • Separation of tasks – Having two sides to your desk will allow you to clearly separate your tasks. An example would be your left side of the corner desk could be for operations, and the right could be for client-based work. 
  • Aesthetics – Typically, corner desks have a modern and sleek appeal. This is great for office spaces that are looking to modernise with contemporary office furniture. 
  • Ergonomic benefits – The positioning of a corner desk reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries as monitors and keyboards can be positioned in ergonomically favoured angles. 
  • Cable management – Many corner desks will allow you to group your cables in an organised manner. This reduces the clutter on your desk and allows a clear workspace.
Corner desk in office space

Disadvantages of corner desks

  • Potential to clutter – With more deskspace, you run the risk of spaces becoming cluttered. If you work in a creative industry, or some of your employees are not organised, this can start to look messy quickly. 
  • Harder to scale – It is hard to expand on a corner desk; if you outgrow your space, it can be difficult to add to or upgrade your working station. 
  • Placement within the office – It can sometimes be difficult to place a corner desk into an office space. You may find that a corner desk looks out of place if you are confined to a space that has multiple doors, walls and windows. 
  • Cost – Typically, corner desks are more expensive than straight desks due to the excess of material and craftsmanship needed. 
  • Limited visibility – Due to the positioning of a corner desk, you may find that you have limited visibility of the office space. The positioning can also cause issues with your screen being visible and displaying sensitive information.
Corner desk in shared office space

What is a straight desk? 

The straight desk is also known as a rectangle desk. This is a standard option and can be placed anywhere in your workplace regardless of the layout and size of your space. Available in a range of sizes, a straight desk can be placed in most office spaces with ease. 

Straight desk in home office

Advantages of straight desks

  • Versatile – One of the biggest advantages of installing straight desks in your workplace is their versatility. You can place straight desks in offices that have difficult floor plans. They can be placed against walls, together in the middle of an open-plan office and even in the centre of a room. 
  • Cost Effective – Typically, straight desks are more cost-effective than curved desks, and if you are operating a large business that has a lot of employees, this could be a cost-effective solution to kit out your office space. 
  • Easy maintenance – Straight desks are easy to clean and keep organised, and you will find designs with drawers and storage options. 
  • Minimalist Design – The simplistic styling of a straight desk allows your office to adopt a clean and minimalist design aesthetic. This is common in many modern offices, which use contemporary office furniture to create a sleek and understated environment for their employees. 
  • Space Efficiency – If you have a small office, you can place straight desks neatly in corners, against walls and maximise the available space in your office. 
  • Adaptability – Straight desks can be repurposed or moved around the office as needed, making the evolution of growing offices easier to accommodate. 
Straight desk in lavish office

Disadvantages of straight desks

  • Limited Space – Compared to corner desks, straight desks don’t have as much space for storing documents and can feel restricting for the user. 
  • Less Aesthetic Appeal – This does depend on individual taste, but often straight desks have limited aesthetic appeal in comparison to curved desks. If you are searching for a desk that will stand out, you should search for other options. 
  • Personal Space is Limited – You may find that straight desks offer limited personal space in a shared office set-up. This means privacy can be an issue, and you may need bookable meeting rooms to work on anything related to sensitive information. 

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It can easily be inferred that both corner desks and straight desks come with their own set of pros and cons. Apart from weighing the pros and cons of corner desks and straight desks, you must consider all the factors before making a buying decision. Choosing the right desk is essential for companies to ensure their employees are productive and comfortable when working. Two of the common desk choices are corner and straight desks. Choosing among them may seem tough, but considering their pros and cons and your needs can help make a decision. At Auraa Design, you will find an extensive range of corner and straight desks that you can pick to make your workplace look more attractive and that too at the most affordable prices.