Curved Reception Desks: Is it for your Office?

Arc – Walnut Reception Desk with Clear Glass Shelf

Building an office space is not child’s play as it requires a lot of focus and dedication. Furniture is considered the most significant element while designing an office space. It can enhance the ambience of your workplace if arranged in an accurate manner. A reception desk, on the other hand, holds more significance than the entire office furniture clubbed together. 

Importance of choosing the right reception desk

You might not have given much thought to the reception desk at your office. However, this is the foremost thing that people notice when they enter your workplace. A contemporary reception desk, along with a cheerful face in the lobby area, will surely help people feel welcomed at your workspace. 

Therefore, it is essential that you squeeze out some time and pick out the appropriate reception desk for your workplace. There are numerous benefits of placing a curved reception desk in your welcome area as it can make your workspace look more aesthetic. It can also create more room for multiple receptionists. Hence, you must count possibilities and discern if a curved reception desk is appropriate for your office.

Why choose a curved reception desk for your office?

It is a well-regarded phrase that the first impression is always the last one. Hence, you must always make it right by picking a modern curved reception desk

  • It looks good from every angle 

The biggest reason why you must choose a curved reception desk is that it looks fabulous from all the angles due to its curves. Apart from this, choosing a curved reception desk can also enhance the interiors of your workplace and present it with a more professional and crisp look when compared to the conventional rectangular reception desk. 

  • Make use of large spaces beautifully 

If you hold a large lobby area, this curved reception desk can assist you in covering that area perfectly, along with giving your workspace a stylish and contemporary feel. Even if your welcome area is smaller, you can go for a small curved reception desk by Auraa Design for enhancing the ambience of your workplace. 

The receptionist sitting on the curved reception desk will be able to keep an eye on the entire area and face everyone present in the room. If you hold more than one receptionist in your organisation, you can also get a customised curved reception desk that would easily accommodate two or more people along with a modern and innovative design to enhance the productivity and functionality of the person sitting at that desk.

  • Holds more versatility than any other shaped desk

When compared to the standard rectangular reception desk, a curved reception desk holds more versatility in terms of designs, colours, and the choice of materials. Nowadays, due to the prominence of a curved reception desk, interior designers have started designing more novel designs to make them perfectly coordinate with the interiors of the workspace. 

Apart from this, if you do not like any pre-designed curved reception desk, you can also get in touch with the interior designers at Auraa Design and get yourself a reception desk that is tailor-made, especially for your workspace entrance, to make it more stylish and modern looking.

Benefits of choosing a curved reception desk

Here are some more benefits of choosing a curved reception desk for your office:

  • Enhanced comfort

A curved reception desk provides more leg space to people when compared to a regular rectangular table. There is enough space for stretching the legs beneath the desk and making them more ergonomic than any other reception desk variety. 

  • More ergonomic

Due to the advent of technology, everything has shifted to an online platform which increased the use of systems. A responsible workplace needs to take care of the health conditions of the employees as constant staring at the computer screen from a near distance can affect their eyes. 

Hence, choosing the curved reception desk is most suitable to evade this situation as curved desks are ergonomic and maintain a one-arm distance from the chair along with the prescribed distance from the screen. 

  • Additional storage space

A curved reception desk provides more room for storing additional useful stuff as these kinds of desks have a long length and intensified depths that makes it easier to store all the work documents and essential objects like a first aid kit. Curved reception desks come in all sizes and colours, making it easier for you to match them with the colour scheme of your workplace. You can also choose the material of these desks as they can be made from various materials like wood, laminate, glass, and many more. Getting reception desks for your office from a reliable site can help you save costs. At Auraa Design, you can find the most cost-effective deals on quality and aesthetic office furniture.