Ways to Set Up Your Office Desk for Success

Noah – White Operational Office Desk with Slab Leg

Even though we do not pay enough attention to it, however, our office desk ends up contributing a lot to our productivity and the general sense of well-being that we feel. Hence, be it your home office or a new set up that you are doing, setting up your office desk right is quite crucial. You could be setting up a new office space, with good designer desk & chairs and thinking of adding decor and design elements over a period of time, however, it is best that you set up ground rules that need to be taken care of in the beginning. On the other hand, you could be just thinking of doing your current office desk, which comprises of old outdated furniture, and the entire mood is really bringing you down, hence, it is time that you get yourself a fresh start.

To this end, we have compiled for you a few tips on how you can make the most out of your office furniture in UK and convert your workspace into a place of productivity and positivity.

Tips to organise your workspace for more productivity

Assessing Your Space and Your Needs

Everyone has different ways of coping with the stress of work. While there are people who require pin drop silence to concentrate, there are others that require a high energy environment to function. If you are the kind who needs peace and serenity, then you must design your office desk in a manner that can give you some privacy. Using options like dividers, as well as designer desk & chairs that can be adjusted according to your needs is something that will help you out well. Personalising your space in a manner that enhances your productivity is something that can help you in the long run. Ranging from technological gadgets that make your job easier, to adding a touch of colour that calms your mind etc. There are a lot of things that you can do, the only golden rule that you follow is not to add too many things that end up cluttering your desk.

Creating Your Space Ergonomically

The perfect balance of things can you help you in optimising your health and well-being. Hence here are a few things that you should assess while setting up your office furniture in the UK

  • Workstation: Adjusting your workstation be it a joint networking one or individual desk and chairs to your personal requirements is essential. One investment, that we recommend to everyone who has to sit for hours on a desk is to get a high-back chair that is capable of supporting your lower back and shoulders. Make sure that you design a space which gives you the flexibility of being a little more active, by allowing you to stand, sit and flex your muscles a bit so that your circulation is not compromised.
  • Screen-Space: Whether you are using a laptop or a keyboard and monitor, positioning your writs in a natural manner, is essential. Your wrist should be slightly lower than your elbows, and your computer screen or monitor should be little below your eye level and at a little bit of distance so that it doesn’t strain your eyes.
  • Lighting: One aspect that people always need to focus on while designing their office space is having good lighting. Be it a wood reception desk at the entrance, or your workstation – the lighting should be chosen on the basis of how it brightens up the room as a whole and not just your workspace. In case you are in need of specialised lighting, keep a desk lamp handy for such cases, otherwise, it is best to use lighting that is more ambient in nature.

Fostering Positivity

Last but not least, having a sense of well-being is something that is going to help you in making your office space more productive as well as welcoming – while not having to invest a fortune in doing so. Another handy tip that is to have some storage cabinets in the office space so that you can have a neat office desk and no clutter, without having to compromise on your essentials.

So there you have it, here are a few tips that will help you in setting up your office desk for maximum productivity, comfort and success.