Top 5 Furniture Pieces You Need For Your Posture

Top 5 Furniture Pieces You Need For Your Posture

Good posture (aka neutral spine) is the building block to a relaxed, fulfilled life. As you start to get older, the effects of bad posture really start to unveil themselves. Case in point: chances are, after a day of sitting at the same desk, without a break, your feet will be sore, your back will be riled up with pain, and there would be a high likelihood of a headache. That’s all because of a bad posture.

However, on the other end, good posture can result in fewer headaches, increased energy levels, less risk of pain, and elevated levels of strength*. Of course, breaks and exercise do help in improving posture. But they’re not all that you can do to achieve the goal. Furniture, more importantly, office furniture, can be of great value in balancing posture. And why shouldn’t it be?

You do spend most of your days (and sometimes nights) stuck to the same piece(s) of furniture. So let’s dive into this blog to understand how furniture can help in improving your posture.

  1. Office Chairs For Bad Backs
    Macsen Black Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair With Optional Headrest 1
    Ergonomic office chairs are the first thing we’d recommend to anyone who’s thinking of making a shift to comfortable office furniture. And here’s why — ergonomics in itself is a design structure that is known to improve efficiency and bring comfort. However, the best part of these chairs is that they’re unique enough to fit the measurements of every body type. For example, you can adjust the armrest, backrest, headrest, seat height, and lots more with ergonomic office chairs. With all these customisations, it’s no wonder that these office chairs can do wonders for your posture. At Auraa Design, we specialise in ergonomic office chairs — because what should life be if not comforting?
  2. Sofas To Improve Backrest
    Taber One, Two & Three Seater Sofa 03 Img
    Here’s another one on the list: sofas. More specifically, lounge sofas. It’s time to let the ruddy, old sofas with the thin mattress layer and the missing springs go, and it’s time to buy a brand new sofa that helps with posture. However, with sofas, it’s a 50-50 relationship — you’ve gotta meet them halfway. That is to say that a good sofa is imperative to have comfortable seating, but at the same time, you also need to sit in a way that encourages good posture. For sofas, we suggest buying one with good cushioning, a sturdy frame, a design that encourages good posture, a supportive spring system, etc. On the seating end, we suggest stretch sitting, backsiting, reclining, etc.
  3. Desis That Reduce Tension
    Tables are a big one, and mostly for the sole reason that you’re glued to your table unit a workday. Aka 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. That’s 40 hours wayyy too many to be spending time attached to a table or a desk that gives you nothing but discomfort. Although you could get a traditional table that is more fitting to your posture, we would suggest getting an ergonomic desk or a height adjustable desk. They’re not only great for back pain and for improving your posture, but they also help you burn calories and speed up your metabolism.
    Vigente – Height Adjustable At Fixed Positions Desk With Optional Return
    That’s a win-win in our books. Also, in our books (and on our website), we’ve got a wonderful collection of desks if you’d like to check them out.
  4. Mattresses And Cushions For Support
    When we speak of mattresses and cushions, we mean all types of mattresses and cushions — including the ones you put over your seat, behind your back, as a footrest, etc. With WFH being a necessity in many parts of the world, many people have switched to using beds as a workstation (we’re guilty of it sometimes too). But a good mattress can either make or break your day — not only because you spend most of your day in it, but your nights are spent on the mattress too. You need to have a good support system through all the types of mattresses and cushions at your home so that you’re truly relaxed and ready to take on the workday. Chances are if your mattress is lumpy, you’ll start feeling lumpy too. It is to be noted that we absolutely recommend you use a home office for work, however, if that’s not possible, then we suggest going forward with a good mattress.
  5. Footrest For Even Weight Distribution
    Footrests are the heroes that don’t get talked about often. Truly. And here are some of the reasons why we should also have footrests for posture management:
    a. You get to elevate the footrest to fit your height and weight (ergo, maximum comfort for every body type).
    b. They elevate proper posture and reduce tension and stress from the body.
    c. They improve blood circulation and enhance energy levels.

    The question is not if you should get the footrest, it is what kind of footrest is best for me? And there you have it! A fully rounded list of all the kinds of furniture you need to improve your posture and elevate your mood. Think we missed out on something? Let us know!