Designing your first Home Office? You Need These 10 Office Essentials

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Here’s a situation: you’re back to working from home (again!) for a few days a week and need a more long term solution to working comfortably. Chances are, you’re on your way to buy all the necessities for a home office. However, the home office decor has to be perfect, because let’s be real, furniture shopping is a luxury not many of us can afford to do every day. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. But first thing’s first, let’s get started on the kind of office furniture you’ll need to have for the perfect at-home office. Here are the top 10 things everyone needs when creating their home office layout.

  1. Desk That Supports Posture
    Bella – Office Desk with Ring Leg
    This one may be no surprise but you need a good, well-fitted desk that is appropriately sized in such a way that it supports your posture. Sure, many of us can still make our bed work as a functioning desk but a desk truly, truly, changes things. Not only does your workstation become more stabilised, but you also feel different while working. Besides, it’s always best to have a dedicated space for working and with the presence of a desk, all your work can sit in one place.
  2. Chair That Oozes Comfort
    Bali Mesh Back Operative Chair
    Once you’re done buying a desk, then the very next thing you need is an ergonomic chair that oozes comfort — and we mean this statement because chances are that you’re going to spend the larger chunk of your day attached to it. Always, always test the chair before you buy it. If you’re wondering if buying an office chair is worth it, just ask Pam Beesly from The Office, we’re sure she’ll tell you the perks of a good chair.
  3. High Speed Internet
    This probably ought to be higher up in the list but then we chose to first write about the matters of comfort. Now that we’re here, we’d just like to have a conversation around high-speed internet. Not only does it affect the way how efficiently you do your work, but having a low internet speed when work is piling up is also detrimental to your mental health.
  4. Access To Your Devices
    To create a remote office, you need to have well connected devices and have to have access to said devices. For example, you may work with dual monitors so make sure that every software is up-to date and everything is perfectly at the place where you need it to be. Sure, this one is a little obvious, however, it is yet still essential to mention.
  5. Lighting That Fits Your Mood
    Lights can play such an important part in the way you feel. At the end of your work day, you don’t want to end up with headaches or eye strains because the only kind of light that you get is the one emitting from your laptop. Purchase a good lamp with different lighting options and make sure to use it as it fits your mood, or at the very least, make sure to get adequate lighting throughout the day.
  6. A Multipurpose Machine
    A multipurpose machine is one where you can scan, print, or fax copies at your whim and fancy. However, since you’re now at a home-office, having a multipurpose machine is essential to keep a scanned copy of all your documents in the cloud or to even keep a physical copy of them stored (if that’s how your office functions). Besides, they can prove to be essential for personal use such as tax filing, children’s school printouts, etc.
  7. A Surge Protector For Times Of Need
    Trust us, this one is a life saver. And you don’t really realise just how essential a surge protector has the role in a home-office until you actually end up needing it. If you’re looking to fully equip your home office then a surge protector is a necessity that almost everyone needs, so make sure to invest in a good one.
  8. File Cabinet For All Your Files
    Bali Mesh Back Operative Chair
    If you work as a freelancer or if you need to keep a record of all the things in one place, then a file cabinet may be the answer for you. This is a necessary item to have as the documents that you don’t know where to upload, go here. Besides, some things are just so important that you do need the originals and hard copies to hang on to.
  9. Backup Drive For Sanity
    Backup drives are essential just in case you run into malware, or in case you accidentally end up deleting something. Just ask the makers of Toy Story, and they’ll tell you the importance a backup drive has and how it can quite literally save you hours and hours of work and millions of dollars.
  10. Paper Shredder To The Rescue
    There are just some documents that are so sensitive that you would rather not anyone know about them. So for documents like those, paper shredders are of the utmost importance. However, if most of your work is with non-sensitive documents a recycling bin would do just fine. Curious about what more Auraa Design has to offer? Well, take a look through our collection of modern office furniture, we’ve got almost every option covered.