Transform Your Finance Office: 8 Design Tips + 3 Bonus Secrets

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Imagine entering a financial advisor’s office and being greeted by a cluttered desk, tangled cords, and outdated office furniture. It’s a situation no visitor or client would want to find themselves in.

Previously, financial firms lacked personality, with boring office furniture and minimal decor adorning the space. However, times have changed. Many financial firms are embracing modern office trends to create inspiring workspaces. 

In this blog, we will explore some practical ways for financial advisors to upgrade their offices.

Impact of Effective Interior Design on Financial Firms

1. Establishes Professionalism

A well-designed firm influences the client’s emotions and perception of the company’s professionalism.

A financial advisor and a client signing a contract, showing how a well-designed finance firm influences a client's perception of professionalism.

2. Enhances Decision-making

A comfortable office environment facilitates open and honest discussions, leading to more informed financial decisions.

A happy couple shaking hands with a financial advisor during a meeting, symbolising how a comfortable office environment fosters honest discussions for informed decisions.

3. Reflects Brand Image

A thoughtfully designed office reflects the company’s personality and values, creating a lasting impression on clients.

8 Expert Design Tips to Elevate Your Financial Services Office

1. Prioritise Sustainability

Include ECG practices in your office design to reduce your operating cost, boost your brand image, and meet the sustainability expectations of your stakeholders. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Install modern office furniture made of eco-friendly materials, such as faux leather or eco-leather.
  • Use renewable energy sources such as smart thermostats and solar panels to power technology.
  • Use energy-efficient technology, such as laptops and monitors with low power consumption.
2 professionals planning alternative energies to incorporate sustainable practices in office design to reduce costs, enhance brand image, and meet stakeholder expectations.

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2. Optimise Space Utilisation

Financial firms must optimise their office layout for effective space utilisation. 

Balance open floor plans with private areas for optimum confidentiality. Provide collaborative workspaces, such as conference rooms with comfortable meeting chairs and tables for group discussions and private pods for privacy and focused work. 

A private pod designed for 2-6 persons, exemplifying the optimisation of space utilisation in financial firms with collaborative workspaces and private areas.

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3. Maximise Natural Light

Embrace natural light by installing skylights and large windows to let in sunshine. However, don’t let your client sit facing the window, as the outside view might distract them during the meeting.

Avoid fluorescent lighting and opt for full-spectrum lighting instead. You may also incorporate energy-efficient lighting solutions, such as LED fixtures and occupancy sensors. 

Remember, a well-lit office space is perceived as more spacious and competent.

A young woman professional using a laptop in direct sunlight, proving the importance of natural light in an office space for a spacious and competent environment.

4. Incorporate Plants

Integrate plants into your finance firm’s interiors to purify the air, reduce stress and increase productivity by 15%

Consider low-maintenance potted plants or living plant walls for a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

A female finance advisor sitting at a desk with a potted plant nearby, showing the incorporation of plants in a finance firm's interior for air purification, stress reduction, and increased productivity.

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5. Manage Acoustics Effectively

It is crucial to maintain a focused environment during planning sessions or investment presentations. It’s because when clients hear sounds from outside, they may feel insecure about their confidential conversations being overheard, disrupting the client-advisor relationship.

Hence, implementing strategies like incorporating water fountains, utilising acoustic panels on office walls and ceilings, or installing soundproof meeting booths can minimise noise and facilitate productive client interactions.

A private meeting booth with acoustic features for effective acoustic management in finance firms to minimise noise and create a focused environment for productive client interactions.

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6. Choose Ergonomic Office Furniture

Invest in modern office furniture, such as ergonomic executive chairs and desks that promote employee comfort. Height-adjustable executive desks and seating with headrests, lumbar support or armrests reduce musculoskeletal injuries and encourage proper posture.

A modern executive desk with height-adjustable features for promoting employee comfort, reducing musculoskeletal injuries, and encouraging proper posture.

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7. Integrate Technology

Ensure adequate power and data connectivity throughout the office. 

Incorporate charging stations and wireless charging capabilities to enhance flexibility. Install large-screen digital displays for presentations or data visualisation and video conferencing technology to encourage remote employees to participate during meetings.

A group of finance professionals having a business meeting, communicating with their colleague via video call in the office, showing the integration of technology in finance firms to enhance connectivity, flexibility, and collaboration

8. Reflect your Brand

Money discussions with a financial advisor can be intimidating, causing anxiety among your clients. 

Therefore, incorporating artwork in abstract impressionistic or minimalist themes acts as a conversation starter and stimulates positive emotions. Additionally, choosing artwork that reflects your personality can make the office feel more welcoming.

Moreover, displaying certificates, awards, and momentoes can enhance credibility.

Choose a neutral colour scheme for your financial service office, as it is universally accepted. You may add a splash of colour through modern office furniture or artwork. Avoid bright, warm colours as they tend to increase heart rate. Choose sage green, the colour of money, or blue, the colour of trust and stability.

A meeting room of a finance firm with blue interiors, the colour of trust and stability.

3 Bonus Tips:

1. Regulate Temperature

Avoid seating your client in front of air vents and heat or cold sources. Also, different clients prefer different temperatures, so keep the office at neutral temperatures between 69-78°F with 30-60% humidity.

A finance advisor sweating and loosening his tie, highlighting the importance of temperature regulation in creating a comfortable environment for clients in finance firms.

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2. Manage Aroma

Use a plug-in room deodoriser with a neutral yet pleasant scent to help your clients feel at ease.

A professional working near an aroma oil diffuser, symbolising the use of pleasant scents in finance firms to create a relaxing atmosphere for clients.

3. Incorporate Texture

Add natural textures, such as wood, stone, metal, etc., to different sections of your office, such as flooring, furniture, and walls. This will tone down the formal vibe of your finance firm. 

A polished stone height-adjustable executive desk, highlighting the incorporation of natural textures, like stone, in different sections of a finance firm's office for a balanced vibe.

Wrapping Up

The evolving landscape of the finance industry demands a thoughtful approach to office design and the environment. Most importantly, a thoughtfully designed finance firm will encourage clients to share information and feel comfortable, resulting in better client-advisor relationships.

Auraa Design, with its extensive experience designing offices across different industries and sizes, offers bespoke office furniture solutions to bring clients’ visions to life. So whether you are upgrading your existing office or planning an office fitout, contact us to discover how we can transform your workspace into a productivity powerhouse.