5 Tips to Welcome Nature in Your Workspace with Biophilic Design

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If you thought biophilia was about transforming your space into a jungle of plants, think again.

Biophilia refers to the innate tendency of humans to connect with nature. Biophilic design is an approach that incorporates natural elements into the indoor environment to create a calming and restorative space. 

Incorporating natural elements, such as plants, sunlight, and water, into the workplace has numerous positive effects on employees, including reduced stress levels, improved cognitive function, and a sense of well-being.

Therefore, this blog will explore 5 tips for achieving a biophilic design in your workspace that lets you bond with nature while working.

5 Ways to Bring Nature Inside Your Office with Biophilic Design

1. Incorporate Natural Lighting

A whopping 47% of workers report that their workplace lacks natural light. Moreover, studies have shown that artificial lighting can cause headaches, fatigue, and eye strain in your employees. However, natural light regulates our circadian cycle, mood and energy levels. 

So whether through windows, skylights, solar tubes, or light shelves, natural lighting offsets the harshness of artificial lighting and bright screens, facilitating enhanced visual comfort. Consider using smart lighting systems such as a reception desk with ambient lighting LED to adjust the brightness and intensity of the light to mimic sunlight. 

Invest in modern office furniture with smart lighting systems, such as a reception desk with ambient lighting LED if your workplace doesn’t get much natural light.

2. Embrace Natural Shapes & Colours

Avoid buying modern office furniture in synthetic-looking fluorescent tones of yellow, purple, and red. Instead, invest in modern office furniture with pastel tones, such as the mountain-toned executive desk, a sand-coloured beige reception desk, a blush-pink multi-purpose chair, a honey-orange armchair, a mossy-green operator task chair, and the sky-blue bench

Furthermore, pick soft shapes that mimic nature’s randomness instead of straight lines and right angles. If you observe ocean waves, seashells, pebbles, or intricate flower petals, you will realise that nature favours patterns and forms. Therefore, adding organic shapes to your workspace will increase its visual appeal. 

Check out a few of our organic-shaped modern office furniture options:

  1. Leia – Leather Tub Chair with Round Base: The comfortable, cocoon-shaped chair adds a vintage vibe to any breakout area of a modern workspace.
  1. Romia – Multicolor Pouf: The soft curves and edges of the pouf give it an organic feel, making it visually relaxing when added to any room. 
  1. Leah – Wood Finish Oval Conference Table: The oval-shaped meeting table from our modern office furniture collection fits perfectly in conference rooms where collaboration is a priority.
Instead of synthetic-looking fluorescent tones of yellow, invest in modern office furniture with pastel tones, such as this sand-coloured beige reception desk.

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3. Include Water Features

Adding water features to your workspace can enhance the biophilic experience. For example, a small fountain or a water wall can be an excellent source of serenity in a busy workplace. 

The multi-sensorial stimulation from the sound of flowing water lowers blood pressure, lowers heart rate, and improves memory. Furthermore, the movement of water generates a positive energy flow and dynamism in your workspace, increasing productivity.

Incorporate a water fountain or water wall to add a sense of serenity in a busy workplace and enhance the biophilic experience.

4. Add Natural Textures

Nature is a treasure trove of textures waiting to be incorporated into your workspace. 

Oak, wood, stone, glass, granite and marble are all natural textures that can be introduced to create a biophilic workspace. Also, when picking furniture, choose natural fibres over synthetics and plastics. Consider using natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, bamboo, silk, hemp, or leather for a textured look.

Explore our modern office furniture options featuring natural textures:

  1. Forza 1: The stunning wood grain finish of the oak veneer makes this modern executive desk a statement maker in any office setting.
  1. Dalon 2: The sleek and glossy finish of the polished stone rectangular meeting table adds a luxurious and sophisticated touch to any conference room.
  1. Mars: The natural leather texture of this three-seater sofa adds warmth to any reception area or waiting room, providing a comfortable environment for guests or clients.
Modern office furniture in a glossy finish, such as this polished stone rectangular meeting table, adds a luxurious and sophisticated touch to any conference room.

5. Decorate with Plants

Plants are a fundamental part of biophilic design. A study shows that plants in the office can increase productivity by 15%. Moreover, plants in the workplace help improve air quality, ease stress, and reduce noise levels. Our low-maintenance office plant recommendations are the ZZ plant, the Snake Plant, and the Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonemas).

So whether you choose a vertical garden to reduce noise, a potted plant to create a fresh visual, or moss walls to save floor space, plants are an effective way to bring life into the workplace.

Plants in the workplace are a fundamental part of a biophilic design, which helps improve air quality, ease stress, and reduce noise levels.

Wrapping Up

Biophilic design is more than just a trend. It’s a strategy to promote a healthier and more productive work environment. By incorporating elements such as plants, water, sunlight, and other natural elements, you can bring the healing power of nature into even the most urbanised office spaces. 

Auraa Design’s modern office furniture collection features sleek and stylish designs that seamlessly blend natural materials with cutting-edge functionality. In addition, we can help you create a rejuvenating indoor environment by incorporating a biophilic design in your working space. So to create a more inspiring workplace, contact us today!