Innovative Furniture Ideas To Make A Flexible Workplace

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With most employees gearing up to go back to work, there is a window of opportunity for traditional office spaces to become “flexible”. A flexible office space design refers to a workplace that is designed in a way that makes it possible for employees to work in several different locations. That is, employees need not be restricted to a small cubicle but can now opt to sit in places that contribute the most to their productivity. 

Furniture ideas that contribute to flexibility 

One of the main factors that make a flexible office space design is the furniture that is present. The furniture ideas that contribute the most to the flexibility of an office include: 

  • Sit/Stand tables

For the offices that wish to encourage their employees to be more active, the Sit/Stand tables accomplish just that. These tables are specially designed to be taller than the common tables. Therefore, employees that want to stand and work can do so. It is also a great piece of furniture when it comes to encouraging better communication between employees during meetings. 

  • Semi-private enclosures

These are similar to a cubicle but also encourage collaboration between co-workers. This is because the partition between two desks is not as high as that of a traditional cubicle. Therefore, employees have the freedom to brainstorm ideas for a while and have their privacy when they desire. 

  • Ottoman seating

The furniture that makes a flexible workplace is usually light and easy to move from one place to another. Therefore, small and versatile ottomans are a great addition to an office. Some furniture stores sell a set of ottomans consisting of a larger “table” ottoman with matching seats. This form of lounge office furniture can contribute a great deal to the comfort of an office. 

  • Hanging acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing panels that can be placed in a region to mitigate loud noises. These panels help to reduce reverberation and echo that may be present in a room. Using these panels to dampen sound is a great cost-effective strategy to make the workplace or workstation more private and free from distractions. Employees can simply hang these panels above their tables or around their surroundings to considerably dampen loud and invasive noises. 

  • Nesting chairs

These chairs are often characterised as versatile and mobile. They are essentially advanced versions of ordinary metal folding chairs that can be carried from one place to another. Therefore, making it possible for an employee to have all the freedom they desire in their attempt to choose a location. This can also make larger gatherings or meetings possible as these chairs can be used to seat several employees in a limited space. Thus, the ergonomic design of these chairs offers functional utility alongside comfort. 

  • Resimercial lounge furniture

The concept of “Resimercial” is gaining a fair bit of traction as it applies to both traditional workplaces and individuals that work from home. It refers to the amalgamation of residential and commercial furniture, creating a level of comfort at the office. To incorporate the principle of resimercial into a workplace or a workstation, one can bring in a sofa-like chair that also works as a desk chair. Large and formal conference tables can be replaced with smaller wooden tables that bring a certain degree of informality into the office. 

  • Irregular tables

These kinds of tables are a great option for flexible office space designs that are not very spacious. The entire table is divided into two or three smaller tables that can be placed in different parts of the office. The interesting aspect of this kind of table is that the smaller tables are essentially irregularly shaped polygons, making it possible for employees to work in any corner while saving space. Therefore, it overcomes the disadvantages of cumbersome square, circular or rectangular tables. 

  • Phone booths
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Some businesses may not have the luxury of having separate places for every employee and a conference or meeting room as well. Therefore, some offices have gravitated towards the “phone booth” concept to segregate the workplace efficiently and create a flexible office layout. As per this model, a certain space will contain a seating arrangement with mostly lounge office furniture that can accommodate four people.

This region will be completely equipped with USB connections and even noise-cancelling features to make the space more private for one-on-one meetings with clients or calls. Therefore, the arrangement of furniture and other electrical connections make it similar to that of a booth. 

From foldable chairs that offer comfort to particular orientations of furniture and decor, a workplace can see quite drastic changes. To make these changes, get in touch with Aura Design and choose from a variety of specially created flexible office furniture.