Personalising Modern Office Furniture to Reflect Company Identity

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When it comes to creating a unique and memorable workplace, modern office furniture can play a significant role. Not only does it provide a comfortable and productive environment for employees, but it also reflects the company’s identity and values. However, finding the perfect furniture that accurately represents your brand can be challenging. 

In this blog, we will explore five ways to personalise modern office furniture to reflect company identity.

5 Ways to Personalise Modern Office Furniture to Reflect Company Identity

1. Branded Elements

One way to incorporate your company’s identity into your office furniture is by adding branded elements. This could include customising the colour scheme, logo, and graphics to match your brand’s visual identity. For example, if your company’s colours are blue and green, you could get a meeting table with green chairs, blue reception area arm chairs, and green plants. Additionally, you could add customised signage or graphics to walls, partitions, or glass doors to reinforce your brand image.

Deep blue reception chair

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2. Unique Designs

Another way to personalise your modern office furniture is by opting for unique designs that align with your company’s personality. Consider using non-traditional pieces like an oval meeting table, a hanging chair, or a relaxing sofa. These unconventional designs will not only create a conversation piece but also showcase your company’s willingness to think outside the box. Just imagine how cool it would be to have a giant bean bag chair in your break room. Your employees (and visitors) will love it!

Oval glass meeting table

3. Functional Storage

Storage is essential in any office setting, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Instead of using plain old filing cabinets, consider investing in stylish storage units that complement your company’s style. For instance, if your brand is all about minimalism and clean lines, you could go for sleek metal aluminium shelves or industrial-style metal lockers. On the other hand, if your brand has a playful side, you could opt for brightly coloured bookcases or funky patterned file cabinets.

Wooden tambour storage units

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4. Personal Touches

Don’t forget to add some personal touches to make your office feel truly yours. Encourage employees to bring in personal items such as family photos, artwork, or plants to add warmth and character to their workspaces. You could also display company awards, mission statements, or motivational quotes on the walls to inspire staff members and reinforce your brand values.

Office desk with personal items

5. Comfortable Solutions

Comfort plays a vital role in creating a healthy work environment. When choosing modern office furniture, prioritise solutions that promote employee well-being. Adjustable height desks, multi-seater pods, lumbar support chairs, and footrests under the desk can make a massive difference in reducing eye strain, back pain, and poor posture. Plus, happy employees equal higher productivity, and who wouldn’t want that?

Blue and yellow two-person low office pod

Wrapping Up

When it comes to office furniture personalisation, you’re not just redecorating; you’re unleashing your brand’s secret identity! Whether you’re choosing colours and materials or even customising your furniture with your logo, you’re basically teaching your office furniture to tell dad jokes – it adds personality and a unique touch!  Through this journey, your workplace evolves, not just in appearance but in culture. Create a workspace with Auraa Design by contacting us today!