4 Innovative Solutions to Improve Privacy in an Open Plan Office

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The open office culture has existed since the 1900s. Several multinational corporations, including Google, use open office layouts.

Initially, open offices were designed to facilitate collaboration and combat the mundaneness of cubicles. Nevertheless, open space planning has earned a bad reputation for evolving into a distraction-filled, privacy-deprived destination. Privacy and openness, however, do not have to be at odds if you undertake open space planning smartly. 

So whether you have an existing open space office or are planning to convert your traditional office structure, check out our modern solutions to make an open office space comfortable and productive for your team members.

The 4 Best Ways to Improve Privacy in an Open Plan Office

1. Embrace partition 

If the seating arrangement of your office lacks visual privacy, creating boundaries with flexible partitions is the best solution. Besides creating privacy, an operator’s office desks with dividers will help to create a physical barrier between workers, reducing the risk of transmission of infectious illness.

The dividers can include high cabinets or plant walls to improve air quality and add some creativity to your workspace.

An operator’s office desk with a dividing screen to add some privacy in an office with open space planning.

2. Invest in a soundproof phone booth

The distractions are endless in an open office, from colleagues’ non-stop giggling, loud coughing or having a discussion about work. You may need to take a confidential call with a client in a private space, making these soundproof phone booths perfect for improving your privacy in the office. 

While there is nothing like noise-cancelling headphones to keep you sane and motivated, soundproof phone booths are becoming increasingly popular. We offer soundproof phone booths with ventilation and ergonomic tables.

A soundproof phone booth is all you need during private client calls.

3. Incorporate flexible modern office furniture

Instead of a fixed piece of furniture, choose multi-use, modern office furniture that can be adapted to suit different employee preferences, enabling people to easily switch between different work modes during the day. 

You may use a movable executive chair or a modular couch with charging outlets to allow workers to move to a quieter area and peacefully work. 

A private pod in a breakout area allows employees to focus on confidential or collaborative tasks in a quieter environment.

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4. Set up designated collaborative workspaces

A practical collaborative setting is crucial for any department whose conversations revolve around a shared goal or needs to communicate feedback consistently among team members.

A collaborative space might include a semi-enclosed private work pod or an acoustic private meeting booth with modern meeting tables and chairs for video conferencing or confidential discussions.

Private collaborative spaces, such as work pods, are ideal for holding confidential meetings.

Wrapping Up

Although open offices can be challenging, they allow for flexibility in communication. However, a few design modifications can create an inspiring and productive work environment if your open office space layout is facing backlash from employees due to privacy concerns or distractions.

Auraa Design is a full-service Office and Commercial Interior Design and Fitout company. We consider the human need for quiet areas, break-out areas, and social spaces while optimising space utilisation. So check out our extensive open office space furniture collection, including operational office desks with optional dividing screens, soundproof phone and meeting booths, private work pods, and so on.