Office Furniture Trends For 2022

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The decade of 2020 has a lot to offer — be it the rising trends, or the multitude of hacks, or a
whole different perception of how we view the world — what can be said with certainty is much
has changed since 2020. With the rise of the work from home culture, office furniture has seen a
major boost in sales. The best part about it? Sales have finally been drawn to the kind of
furniture that employees actually like. Curious to know what they are? Read on as we tell you all
about office furniture trends for 2022.

  1. Home Comfort At Office
    Although we saw a huge shift towards work from home, many businesses are now voting for
    their employees to come back to offices or at least try their hand at a hybrid working situation.
    The only problem is that work from home has been a huge asset to many, and due to the
    homely comforts that it provides, employees are reluctant to go back to the office. So here’s
    what many employers have proposed instead — office furniture that has home comforts
    attached to it. For example, soft seating, ergonomic chairs, plush carpets, etc, is becoming a
    norm and a part of our office furniture. Although this may turn out to be a huge selling point,
    many employers are still confused as to what kind of office furniture their employees might like
    best — which is why we have a dedicated account manager and free space planning (with 3D
    views), which will help you add aesthetics and charm to your office, and yet provide comfort and
  2. Rise In Modern Furniture Trends
    Modern furniture combines all the fun aspects of aesthetics and designs with comfort — it’s the
    ultimate kind of luxury, and it’s practically regarded as a necessity amongst furniture-aficionado
    circles. Modern furniture trends use the latest designs and allow convenience. For example,
    working desks that provide comfort, privacy, and flexibility are huge when it comes to modern
    furniture trends. However, as suggested with the name ‘modern’, this trend is also
    ever-changing. At the present moment, we’re seeing a rise in fractal (fragmented geometric
    patterns) and glass designs.
  3. Sustainable Designs
    Sustainability is a moment that has thankfully been introduced to the 21st century, and
    employers and employees are both doing their part to help achieve sustainability amongst the
    office. Office furniture too has been a part of this trend, and we, along with them, are doing our
    part to make sure that all our furniture is everlasting in such a manner, that even when reused, it
    gives the shine of new. The reason for this? We almost exclusively deal in premium Italian
    materials for our furnishing. Another switch more and more companies are making is to choose
    renewable energy sources (which can be an easy enough switch if your provider has an
    alternative for renewable energy).
  4. Flexible Working Environment
    Flexibility is the word for 2022. However, when we say flexibility we don’t mean that furniture
    needs to be flexible, we’re saying that offices need to be flexible. As explained in the points
    above, employees are still much attached to the remote working situation and to bring them
    back to offices, employers are doing as much as they can. A flexible working space understands
    that the employee has homely responsibilities and allows them spaces where such
    responsibilities can be fulfilled. For example, a crèche has been in popular demand and even
    small firms (even where the laws are not applicable) are opting to have them in their offices.
    Other furniture like a patio, a couch, a break room, kitchen table, etc (aka all the things that can
    give the look and feel of a home) are being encouraged.
  5. Colour Psychology To Be Given A Boost
    It’s been in recent years that colour psychology has been given such an importance. And it does
    make a difference in affecting the way you think — it’s psychology after all, duh. Up until now,
    many brands looked to implement colour psychology in their products (aka why Facebook and
    Twitter have a blue logo) but now they’re shifting their outlook to apply it on office furniture as
    well. For example, what colours represent the company, or the kind of vibe you’re looking to set,
    or the way colour influences our behaviour are all important questions to ask when considering
    colour psychology for your office furniture.
    Thinking about making a shift with your office furniture? Well, you can now get a free
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