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Auraa Design is an online shopping portal where you can find designer and trendy office furniture. The brand has been in the business of selling contemporary furniture for over 20 years and have recently made their services available to a wider audience with a strong online presence.

The company’s main strength lies in its team consisting of the best interior designers and furniture consultants. The team pledges to find the best in design across the world. They provide customisable solutions for all your office needs even going so far as to creating bespoke items if you so desire.

The new line of furniture from the company is steeped in the brand’s ethos of providing beautiful and high-quality furniture with a wide range to suit everyone’s needs and style.

One of the most crucial elements in any office, Auraa Design has a wide variety of seating furniture. From luxurious executive chairs to classy conference seating to stunning reception chairs and swish seating for your team, the brand has them all. The design team are more than happy to help you select the right design for all your seating requirements.

You can choose the seating product based on the finish or the style. Home to some the best contemporary and classic styles, your search for stunning seating furniture ends here. Here we will discuss how you can get your office to look stunning with Auraa Design’s new designer collection.

The Reception Area

The most important part of any office is the reception space. It is what clients, vendors, and consultants see first and it’s their first interaction with the office. The reception area should be warm and inviting while conveying a strong business language. An easy way to plan your reception space is to decide the ‘hero’ piece or the central focus. You can then decide the pieces that are arranged around this piece.

For the reception, we recommend that you start with the reception desk. Every visitor will walk up to the desk and interact with the receptionist to some degree. A great reception desk is:

Darcey Prestigious Executive Desk

This executive desk is available in various colours and finishes including porcelain, leather, and wood. The sleek design and designer aesthetic make it an eye-catching piece.

The next item on your list should be the receptionist’s chair. Ideally, it should match the desk either in colour or style. Auraa Design has a wide range of seating furniture for you to choose from.

Ivy – High Back Leather Executive Chair

The sharp lines of this soft leather chair make it a versatile piece that can match most decors. You can choose from a range of colours.

You can then focus on the visitors waiting area which is still a part of the larger reception space. This is where you can depart from the style of the reception desk, though keeping it within the same family makes the room look more cohesive.

Apollo Range

The apollo range consists of lounge chairs, sofas, and tables. All of the furnishings can be customised to suit your office’s overall aesthetic.

The Operational Space

This is where the majority of your employees work. They will need desks, chairs and furniture for their breakroom. It is imperative that you select comfortable furniture that is ergonomically designed since most of your employees will spend hours here. Auraa Design has a wide range of operational furniture, and you can pick pieces that tie into the overall design aesthetic while also being comfortable.

The Bali Collection

The clean lines of the Bali collection create a trendy business vibe. It can be fitted with modesty panels and cable tidy add-ons to store telephone lines and other cables. The desks can be finished from a range of options.

The Matteo Collection

The L-shaped desks in this collection is a dream for those who need extra desk space. The storage features allow for the space to be clutter-free. The clean design can be replicated in a number of finishes and colours.

The Executive Offices

These offices are meant for the highest-ranking people in your company’s structure. It is a space that sees a lot of work along with personal meetings and even a space for brainstorming. Almost an extension of the occupant, an executive’s office has to be stately and comfortable.

The Oxford

Designed to impress, this designer executive office furniture set is meant to convey grace and elegance. The clean and simple lines allow it to fit into most designed spaces easily.

Forza 5

A classic design marries modern sensibilities with this stunning design. The traditional marble desktop radiates power and success while the clean modern lines showcase the ability to march with the times. The marble top and the wood finish can be changed according to your taste.

The Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms should have comfortable executive chairs with tables that allow for discussion and presentations. The shape of the table that you choose will depend not only on the dimensions of your meeting rooms but also the type of meetings you will conduct. A presentation requires a large rectangular or U-shaped table, while a smaller circular table ideal for negotiations.

Avery – Rectangular table


Olea – Circular Table


The Breakout Area

The break room is one of the most important places in your office. It is where the employees can interact with executives on an informal basis while fostering a healthy office culture. Provide comfortable seating in these places.


In Essence

An office with a cohesive and aesthetic furniture collection is imperative for both good business and good company morale. Auraa Design provides the latest and best office furniture from all over the world back by impeccable services.