Business Owner’s Checklist for Choosing a Meeting Room Table

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Meeting rooms are primarily identified by a conference table that plays numerous roles. Exchanging insights into meaningful matters, developing a professional relationship, discussing ideas, and many work-related pivotal tasks are performed on a conference table.

In modern times, the role of a conference table has multiplied ten-fold. Now the space for interaction also incorporates features that make it tech-friendly and feasible for other parts. The increase in the number of roles has led to the importance of investing in a good conference table. 

This accounts for why a meeting table should be a product of thorough research on the role it has to play. Once the part is identified, finding the best conference room table isn’t a big deal. Auraa Design accumulates a wide range of conference room tables that fulfil multiple purposes. But, picking one of the lots can be tricky.

Guide to choosing an apt meeting table for your conference hall

Look for the correct form

Form isn’t something that business owners take as a primary consideration while buying a meeting table. This is because of the lack of knowledge of the science of forms.

A study conducted by Radhika Pathak, an architecture student, reveals a direct link between forms and workplace productivity. In it, she analysed how our mood gets impacted by seeing a particular way. Furthermore, a detailed description of what emotions get triggered by seeing different shapes is also unveiled in the research mentioned above. Here is what emotions surface on encountering what form at the workplace-

  1. Triangles- A triangular structured table can enhance energy levels and power. The visual representation is symbolic of growth and progression. This implies that a company in its growth phase can opt for such a meeting table.
  2. Circles- Round meeting tables such as those present at Auraa Design are an ideal alternative for a meeting room. This is because they decrease the possibility of distractions and promote a centred approach. As per the study, round form stands for up surging the level of belongingness and inclusivity.
  3. Squares/Rectangles- These two forms have a uniform impact on the human brain. A rectangular table is bound to induce feelings of honesty, stability, rationality, discipline, and formality. On seeing a square or rectangular shape, an employee feels secure and at peace.

Small meeting rooms must use such shapes to incorporate a sense of order.

Prioritise your functionality

With the advancement in times, the function of a meeting table has expanded. Earlier it used to be only viewed as a seating arrangement for interactions. However, the role has become diverse now.

Now meeting also involves stand-up sessions, video conferencing, usage of tech tools, and the like. To cater to these needs, you need a highly functional design. For example, if you get an oval-shaped conference table, then it must include space for mobile, nesting, flat-folding, etc. Adjustable table height is also a preference these days.

Apt for your space

One integral feature for consideration is that the table should fit in your requisite space without making the room look overcrowded. A three feet space around the table is mandatory as people’s movement is eased because of that. Using a masking tape, you should precisely trace the dimensions of the table that will suit your room.

In general, the length of a table in feet is equivalent to the number of people who can fit in that space. However, if you want to use your table for multiple purposes, then it’s ideal for breaking this basic rule. The functionality of a meeting table as a whiteboard space or project area requires the distance of a few extra feet.

Aesthetically pleasing

Multiple research studies have vouched for a positive impact of pleasant-looking furniture on the productivity of employees at the workplace. Pleasing aesthetics automatically put you in a good mood.

A research study was published by Harvard on the effect of beautiful furniture on the way employees perform. It brought out two significant insights. Firstly, it said that looking at a gorgeous workplace automatically impacts your health. It makes you feel healthier, thereby reducing the number of sick days. Secondly, it also creates a positive impact on brain health. From reducing stress to increasing cognitive abilities, an impactful statement piece has several roles to play.

So, while keeping functionality as the primary motive, you can opt for a meeting table that also adds to the beauty of your workspace. It will have a positive effect on how productively employees deliver.

In Essence

Having a perfect conference table is mandatory for any business owner. Since the layout of how the business will function is designed in the meeting room, it becomes vital to regard its importance. 

Being an area that sees the making of important decisions, employees must feel maximum productivity on using this meeting table. This leads us to three key attributes that must be considered when choosing a table- functionality, fit, and design. The interaction of these helps you get the best meeting room table

Auraa Design presents a variety of meeting tables that include classy alternatives like conference boardroom table and glass meeting table. These meeting room tables not only serve their purposes but also add to the pleasant vibe of your meeting room. 

Lastly, it’s advisable to not overcrowd your meeting room with a big table that allows no human movement. An apt meeting room table will be decently sized while allowing sufficient space for walking around.