Auraa Design Guide to choosing a table for your conference boardroom?

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Conference boardrooms are the places that play a major role in decision making. Comfort is an absolute necessity when you are churning out ideas with your team. It should motivate you and add to the aesthetics of your ideas.

So still unsure how to choose a table for your conference boardroom?

Auraa Design have the perfect guide for you

What are the dimensions of the conference room?

Most often when designing a conference room, people opt for a huge table before taking the required specifications of the room. This results in a piece of ill-fitting furniture getting cramped up in the small space. 

Before going forward to buy any kind of furniture, the first thing that you should have in your mind is to review the room that is going to accommodate the furniture. You should check out for the dimensions and the size of the conference boardroom and buy a suitable conference boardroom table. Jotting down the specifications helps one to avoid cluttering the moving space in the room. Buying a table that fits your boardroom as well as not to forget the budget, is equally important. 

How many people do you intend to accommodate?

There is a conception that usually dictates one go for the big tables even if the table needs to accommodate small groups of people. This creates an unnecessary burden both on the moving space of the boardroom as well as the budget planned for the furnishing.

How many people do you want your table to accommodate? How big do you hold meetings? Are these small groups of people or do your meetings usually have a specific number of people?

When looking for the perfect table, the best thing to do is keep in mind the number of people it needs to have room for. If your meetings are usually smaller yet you do conduct a large meeting once in a while, a foldable table is perfect for your conference boardroom.

The purpose?

What is the purpose of your room? Does your boardroom host any larger ceremonial events apart from the usual meetings? If so, how many people attend usually?

These are the questions whose answers you need to seek out for when selecting any furniture for your boardroom. If the conference boardroom hosts huge ceremonial gatherings occasionally, the furniture in the room should have enough room to accommodate the people. Avoid unnecessary cluttering of any workspace.

The colour?

Another pointer that does bob its head when talking about furniture is the colour preference that you have in your mind. What is the colour of the walls in the room? Adding a pinch of aesthetics to your boardrooms make them look visually appealing and promote productivity. 

What should be the shape of your table?

There are a variety of sizes that you need to choose from when looking for tables for your conference boardroom. Do you want a rectangular, oval, squared table? Just make sure you have the right measurements for the table and you have the table that accurately fits into your desired space. 

Your personal preferences?

What do you want the boardroom to look like? 

We all have a picture in mind when we set forth to furnish or refurbish any room. Some of us love to have a glass top table to match with the white walls of the room, while some prefer to have a rather classic wooden table. Good furnishing does hold the key to increasing productivity and adding value to your brand. 

What technology do you intend to use?

When holding a meeting we tend to use different technologies like presentations, video conferencing or something as simple as our laptops. Every equipment that you use needs to be connected to the power supply or the laptops. And to declutter the boardroom space, you should ensure that the table you select should aid you in decluttering the wires. 

What about the chairs?

Do you already have your office chairs for the board room table ready? What are their height and colour? 

The job is still half done after your table selection is done. The chairs that the table, selected, will accommodate is equally important to ensure that your teammates do not face any discomfort when sitting. You should ensure that both the chairs and the table have harmony and work as a team like you and your teammates have. 

At Auraa Design, we ensure that your conference boardroom has the best furniture that it deserves. We customise according to your preferences and deliver you a timeless, yet modern piece of furniture. Whether you have a team that is small or big, whether you prefer glass topped or wooden style tabletop, we have the perfect solution for you. The products are hand-picked and given a contemporary and modern look. Auraa Design also helps you design your workspace with the space planning and 3D views to help you when making decisions.