5 Ways to Freshen Up the Design of Your Office

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It is true that many office spaces are cold, uninviting and can even feel clinical at times, but if you want to avoid that and make your space more appealing, then we are here for you. We have shared five simple tips that will help you to freshen up your office space so that you can ensure maximum productivity and happiness.

Tips to freshen up your office space

Add Some Plants

One simple way to improve the office environment without much effort is to buy some plants. Plants have healing properties, can work to purify the air and soften an office space to make it feel more inviting. If you are worried about who will take responsibility for these leafy additions, then opt for succulents, air plants and cacti as they need minimal watering and can survive and thrive in most environments.

Reorganise Your Furniture

Sometimes you have everything you need in the office already! Simply taking the time to check out what is there and then considering reorganising it to make it feel fresher is the best way forward. Items like a board room table can be repurposed for collaborative areas, and a modern office desk moved to provide better oversight for team leaders can help to improve team relationships and provide a better flow in the space.

Think About Décor

If your budget doesn’t stretch to redecorating the entire space, then don’t give up! Purchasing some fun artwork or posters can have a dramatic effect on the way a place looks without pushing the budget into the red. You can also use this as an ideal opportunity to get the team involved by getting their ideas on the type of décor they’d like to see. This not only personalises the space but makes everyone feel valued.

Add New Furniture

If the furniture you have has seen better days, then why not check out new office furniture online to access some great deals and get new pieces that will change the feel of the space. Installing a small reception desk will give visitors a focal point when they arrive, and buying a new executive desk for each private office will help you to show your team that you care about their comfort.

Stock Up on Supplies

One of the biggest issues that most office workers face is the lack of pens, paper and other supplies they need to do their job effectively. Rather than making everyone scrabble around for a pen, why not stock up on supplies and display them centrally so that everyone knows where to get what they need. This type of purchase will have a dramatic effect on the office ethos and get everyone feeling more excited about being there.

Taking the time to consider what your office needs to move forward will help you to create a more productive workplace that looks and feels great. Try out some of our ideas today and see how amazing the impact is that you create.